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I need to P.U.S.H. January 10, 2006

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This evening I sat in the living room 1/2 listening to the news. Normally I disregard the commentary and narrative of world events yet  I stayed.  The CNN newscaster mentioned the current tactics of some of our terrorists, to use HIV positive suicide bombers. When my brain processed that audible message, I froze and became scared for the first time this “war” has been going on. I am truly afraid for my life and the life of my loved ones. I almost feel a pull to voluntarily go into the far desert to thwart those from touching the ones I love, even at the price of my life. I understand this feeling of kill or be killed.

Earlier today I sat in the office of a Christian woman. From her worn P.U.S.H. key ring, the statue on the side table, and another article, I reflected on my life. I have never P.U.S.H.ed for anything. I need to pray more. And pray more diligently with reverence on a daily, several times a day basis.

Thinking about my prayer life (rather lack there of) makes my heart ache. I might be able to shield off some of these feelings and situations if I prayed more. What injustice am I participating in due to my lack of involvement through inaction?



1. LL - July 5, 2008

I hear it comes with age and wisdom: The true measure of a follower of God is the amount of time it takes one from the moment of crisis until she gets to prayer!


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