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The Present July 6, 2008

Posted by solrai in Current.
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Life is truly a blessing. Time and time again I see verbal, visual, audio, and combinations thereof to how much God loves and looks after me each and every day, each and every moment.

Today, after much ado, I took my newly purchased minivan to an auto repair place to have the starter changed before it went out. Since it is the beginning of the month there is money in the bank. When the mechanic came to our car with the charge or the part, labor,and time necessary to complete the task, he asked if we were sitting down. His quote was approx. $400. When the mechanic made the prepatory statement, “are you sitting down,” I thought he was going to say something in the ball park of a thousand or thousands of dollars. Without hesitation I authorized the work on the car.

Because of the grace of God I have a good job that allows the necessary funds to take care of this situation. God is always present in my life to take care of the things that I find important. How gracious is that, the God knows my needs and the desires of my heart before I even open my mouth or wrap my mind on the conception of my necessities and desires.

Life is truly amazing and precious. Don’t get me wrong. I’m not always the happy-go-lucky female so many know. I have my moments, days, and as some might say, weeks, months… years. I do have the tendency to get hot tempered, and short. All which stem from my current level of stress and my lack to resolve and dissolve the stress and/or stressors.

Do I feel guilty of having this optimistic, vivacious outlook on life? There was a time when I would feel a little pinch when I didn’t agree with a person’s bleak view of life or current, prolonged down state of being. Now I just realize and accept that we are all walking in this life looking for our anchor that ties all the non-sense of our life into a conceptual grasp of living here on Earth. My partner is in a difference space as me. My mother’s walk is different than mine. As well as my uncle, brother, play sister, cousins, co-workers… so on and so forth for each and every person I come into contact with. And that is OK. Every person is allowed to be where they are in their search for that which is greater than them.



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