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Words of Wisdom July 12, 2008

Posted by solrai in Current, Lord Help Me.
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There are many cliches in our society. Some we adopt and use to our benefit, while others we dismiss. But when does someones theory or ideology become a recognized phrase of speech?

I had to look up Matthew 18:21-22 this evening. A rage filled inside me with a loud eruption of some noise that could be classified as language. I’ve tried my best to always turn the other cheek to abide by the 70 or 70 times 7 rule. Yet this evening the popular cliche, “Don’t cast your pearls before swine,” came to mind.

Are forgiveness and tolerance the same? Does tolerating someones behavior constitute forgiveness and/or acceptance of their character? When does this tolerance or forgiveness turn into gluttony for punishment… or does it?

Yet are these thoughts just the reality that I’m partially standing in a wading pool? One foot is allowing the ripples of the worldly waters of the wading pool to lap against me. The rest of my body remains dry in the realm outside of these worldly waters.

To truly be a disciple of Christ I feel I must remain “dry” heeding the wisdom of the Matthew verses; concerning myself not with the swine and pearls.

Then again I’m quite sure there is a passage(s) in the Bible that says something about guarding yourself from the world… Hmmmm.



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