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Worlds Within Worlds September 14, 2008

Posted by solrai in Current.
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I officially joined MySpace recently.  I’ve filled out my profile, had the site look into my address book and  invite the cross referenced email address on my request.  I’ve added some blogs, uploaded photos of me and my family, and recently the synapses in my brain retrieved names of people I haven’t seen or spoken to in over two decades!  I eagerly put in their name and narrowed down the field of return to find who I was looking for.  I’ve sent out friend requests and while looking at the friends of my friends I found mutual friends.

Then it hit me

While looking at mutual friends, reading their profiles, looking at the pictures in their photo albums, the people I once knew have evolved and are living in a world unknown to me (because I wasn’t there with them).  It’s like they have their bubbles (sphere) of life that existed and keeps existing since we last were in contact  with each other.  I have my sphere (bubble) that has swirled around evolving me.  And while there is their bubble and my sphere and the bubbles and spheres of all the people we know, we are all a part of the spinning bubble of this earth, and earth’s experience is nothing more than an evolving sphere within the universe.

Wow.  I almost feel like the spheres David Bowie had in the movie, The Labyrinth.

I guess the old saying is true… Life Goes On; and on and on and on and on and on and on and on. (Te he he)

So enjoy your bubble and the bubbles of those around you!



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