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Reflection In Mirror September 21, 2008

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I lay on my bed amongst a pile of clean clothes that need to be put away.  My oldest son is sleeping and the countdown has begun as to when he will awake again and demand most to all of my attention.  I look at myself in the mirror that is right in front of me next to my bed and see the woman looking back…

She’s a beautiful honey kisses mound of curves with soft and welcoming light brown eyes enlivened by the dark eyelashes and arch of her eyebrows.  Full lips of a light pink mauve bottom out the color on this face and the dark wine dropped neckline shirt sets off all these colors of caramel, dark brown, mauve, and light brown.  What an attractive picture!

It’s amazing how life can cause you to re-evaluate where you are and ask you where you want to go.  With all the opportunities and endless potential that lies ahead, I miss parts of my past that were to be my present and future.  Yet with all the looking back I could do… I am most happy that no body, absolutely NO MAN or any other human for that matter, can love me the way GOD loves me.  For that I am truly grateful.

For that reason, I look at the woman in the mirror and smile at the beauty God has placed inside me, the light and love God has placed inside me, the work he has for me to do, and the love he has given me to share.

There is a knock on the door


enter stage left, my son who is now seven months…



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