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Working It Out October 12, 2008

Posted by solrai in Lord Help Me, Love Life.
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The greatest challenge I am facing right now is the consistency of self.  Being able to forgive myself.  Being able to release the anger eruptions that come up and truly praise and be thankful for all that is going on.  I find myself getting SO angry, thinking, “If only he wasn’t so stupid…  Why did he go and mess everything up!” As soon as my brain releases those thoughts immediately I hear, “God could be saving you from something… Be thankful for where you are.”

I’m trying to find the way back to myself, the totality of me.  I haven’t completely lost who I am, but as with any relationship here on Earth, I have compromised some of myself for another.  I have even found myself cussing, ranting and raving, loosing the crisp coolness of me.

Aye Dios Mio!

And here I am…

One woman…

A mother to two…

A co-worker to few…

A family member to a handful…

A friend to some…

An acquaintance to others…


A child of the Most High God!

I would be lying if I said I know all that will unfold and feel safe and secure in the unknowingness of my situation.  Although I’m not sure how my life will develop from here, I know deep down inside that all will be ok and I will be the smiling, bubbly, lovely, beautiful, fantastically wonderful female God wants me to be in the end.

Man I sure would like a hug from her right now.

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