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Calling “All” Voters November 5, 2008

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(11/4) Today is election day.  A fantastic day to use the semi-democratic process to voice an opinion, preference, want, hope, desire, dream, and for each political party involved, goal!  While getting ready for the opportunity to Rock the Vote, I did a little election snooping.  According to the Brennan Center for Justice, “Nationwide, 13% of African-American men have lost the right to vote…”due to their status as a felon.  It went on to say that three in ten African-American males will not have the opportunity to vote based on incarceration and felonies.  I had to re read that section.

Where do I begin with my outrage?!

Yes 13% may not be able to vote based on choices they made or were wrongly accused of.  Yes everyone should have the right to vote.  Yet 87% of African-American males have the opportunity to vote based on their own statistics!!! 87%!

Here is another perfect example of statistics being used for the purpose and agenda of the force behind the study.  If you desire to read more, the article can be accessed here.



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