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Day 16 July 14, 2009

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6/29 – 8/8

Maybe because I’m close to the half way mark I feel that following the program isn’t as important as Day One or as in Week One.  After going through the “motions” it is clear that the Proclamation is something to live by on a daily basis.

  • Speak Positive (No negative talk, no gossip)
  • Compliment Someone
  • Give Something
  • Pray
  • Read
  • Make Healthy Decisions (No lusting, Stop eating before you’re full…)

When I read the Proclamation, I speak with all my being. Yet, if I forget to do something…I just double up later… It’s almost like it’s no big deal.  Have I grown lazy in my fasting, not keeping the zest and zeal as in week one?  Or is all this stemming from some other place…

I deeply miss one of my friendships that I have to put on hold because he is married (just to make sure there is NO lusting involved in my day to day dealings with him).  I understand the practicality of fasting on that.  I have read and listened to the topic of Lust.  Yet I still miss bouncing ideas and concepts off of him, getting a different perspective in my day to day thinking.

Reading what I just typed the thought entered in, “has my relationship with this man taken a higher priority than my commitment to something else?  Is my ‘longing’ for him overshadowing the importance of this fast?”


Profundity in simplicity.

It’s amazing that when seeking the answer to a question, the answer is already known fore when the answer is presented, a resonance is found, hence a knowingness of the answer already.

Looks like my 40 Days begins again… Day One(2). 7/14-8/23

I’m still going to earmark 8/8 and see where I am at on my initial journey… Kinda like the Children of Isreal and the time it took them to get through the Promised Land.  For me, I pray I make it there spiritually before 40 years while I am still on Earth.  And I’m not talking about Heaven.  I’m talking about, “we might be the only Jesus they see.” KF


Daily 40 Day Life July 11, 2009

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Thanks to my Aunt, I have been introduced to the 40 Day Miracle found at 40day.com.  When I first saw the email in my inbox, I brushed it off till later.  When my parents got wind of it and ordered the materials I investigated it further.  I have to admit, this challenge and fast on the seven deadly sins, is more than I thought it would be.  I would say that I’m a pretty positive, upbeat, fun loving, considerate, kind, loving…blah blah blah (or yadda yadda yadda if you prefer) kinda girl.  Yet the reality of my daily speech, actions, and thoughts proved otherwise.

This has been an interesting journey and although I started June 28th, I didn’t put all of my heart in it.  I knew I needed a change.  I knew that the current events in my life were leading me somewhere unknown.  I knew I need to dedicate some REAL time to building me as a better person.  I had to release some ties that I daily think about and am not supposed to revisit until my 40 days are done.  So many things have gone through my mind that I decided to blog them here.  Enjoy.