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Day 6×2 November 27, 2009

Posted by solrai in 40 Day Miracle.

It feels like at least a week has gone by and I’m on week number two, but I’m sadly mistaken.  The last 48 hours have been a huge derailment of this train.  I think when I came to the reality of my reality regardless of anyone elses reality – I didn’t want to give my heart anymore to this cause.  I didn’t want to give my all.  Slightly depressed I battle with the knowledge that God knows what’s best for me.   I’m speculating all around the mulberry bush and not allowing my self to live, grow, and be.  The Thinking Disease, has completely infected my brain.  So what CAN I do?  I can pick myself up.  Dust and brush myself off.  Take a deep breath, and re-dedicate.  A life worth living isn’t bad, but a good and positive movement forward.



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