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Commonalities December 1, 2009

Posted by solrai in 40 Day Miracle, Current.
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I honestly think that I would have to be absolutely dense to not notice the common string of pearls that keep decorating my life.  Now before I begin, don’t mistake my colorful use of words as  condoning or a posture of jubilation.  It simply is what it is.

  1. Day one of my beloved’s fast, the part of the church sermon I heard was about marriage.  Staying married.  The purpose of marriage and if you’re single, be single, enjoy and embrace singleness because God already knows the desires of your heart.
  2. Item four of the 40 Day Miracle Fast.
  3. Thoughts coming back replaying an interaction in my early adulthood where a doctor asked me if the term adultery meant anything or had significance to me…
  4. Matthew 19
  5. One friend in the process of divorce
  6. Two  friends considering divorce
  7. Matthew 5:28
  8. Today, sermon on adultery on the Christian radio station.  If a spouse divorces due to the desire to be with another, question the one wanting to leave…you want to marry an adulterer?  Based on the nature and way you two met, who’s to say they won’t LEAVE YOU for someone else just like you are considering leaving your spouse???

It’s almost like everywhere I turn I hear adultery linked with divorce.  I have pondered and questioned:

  • If God’s intent for marriage isn’t fulfilling it self in the marriage, is that cause to leave?
  • Should a spouse stay married even though they are being abused (emotionally, verbally, etc)?
  • If there is a void of love, mutual respect, and/or intimacy, are you bound to stay in that relationship?
  • How do I comfort a God-loving friend who the above applies to?
  • We have been saved from all our sins, and God already knows what we’re capable of doing and will do, will breaking this commandment of “You shall not commit adultery” be forgiven if you divorce your spouse and take another?

All these thoughts continually run through my head and as they do, external circumstance places another pearl on my strand.