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Day 41 January 2, 2010

Posted by solrai in 40 Day Miracle, Current.
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The anticipated 40 day fast (the second time around) has ended.  A new year has begun and as much as I was looking forward to an email, text, or phone call, breaking this fast, I was not the recipient.  Curious as to why that is, I am at peace to believe that all’s well that ends well.  I remain true to my inital promise to wait for contact to contact me.

The last 40 days of my life have challenged me, stretched me, encouraged me, frightened me, left me oblivious, have given me peace, have tired me out, and then some.   I know I have grown for the good and have (so I believe) a good footing/foundation as to the next steps in my life.

Strangely enough, as this fast has ended, our church has challenged us to Daniel’s fast for the next 21 days beginning January 4th.  I know only some things come trough prayer AND fasting, maybe it’s just that time.