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Have You Lost Faith February 26, 2010

Posted by solrai in Current, Love Life.
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The poll on WordPress by polldaddy.com asks, “Have you lost faith in Toyota?”  I smirked, “No,” and continued, “but I have lost faith in someone else,” I told myself as I fought back tears.  I’ve gotten to the place where I was ok with how everything went down;  Copasetic with my “new life without the father”.  And as any strong love lives, remains of what once was still tethers two together.  We chat on speaking terms.  Exchange a picture every now and again. Still miss each other.  He says we’ve grown in our time apart. Yet I remain skeptical.  Tonight confirms what I know, and already knew, and have always known…he doesn’t trust me, and probably never will.

As he realized how many friends I had on a social network and began grilling me, I had to cut it off.  It was like reliving the past all over again… 

Who cares who these people really are if you are not going to genuinely ask.  And when I tell you, take it at face value.  I gain nothing from lying. You gain nothing from skepticism. If you are not willing to accept the truth – don’t bother asking the question.


To My Last Comment February 14, 2010

Posted by solrai in Current.
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It amazes me how I’ve placed such a great emphasis to my longing desires. Requesting a response to  satisfy my curiosity. All to often have I see-sawed between understanding to anxious postures.