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Grasshopper June 24, 2011

Posted by solrai in Current.
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I’ve never been a big fan of sharp things, or things that looked sharp like claws or hooks.  Bugs aren’t my most favorite friends to “hang around.”  I couldn’t help to notice that there was a medium-sized brown grasshopper that was hanging around my door this week.  It took up residency on a side wall by the door bell and stayed there for about two days.  This afternoon there was a grasshopper in the house, by the back window near the pantry (same brown styled coloring).  I quickly tried to find something in the kitchen to “catch” it and take it outside.  I managed to find a plastic funnel and plastic top to a container.

In my first attempt to capture it, I think I may have squashed its leg and put it on the kitchen floor to try to “fix it.”  I tried to capture it again and was successful without squashing any of its legs.  Out side we went (mind you I was a little on edge, hoping it wouldn’t hop profusely and freak me out causing me to drop it before we made it outside.  Once outside I dropped both plastic pieces close to the grass and noticed the grasshopper was upside down on it’s back.  I thought for sure I had killed it or put it into shock.

I walked half a block to pick up the mail and checked on the grasshopper’s status while I carefully retrieved the plastic funnel and top. It was right side up now, but motionless. ”  At least it’s not dead,” I told myself and went into the house.

I’m not a big fan of lore or superstitions yet I do pay attention to what happens in my environment.  I went online and did more research on the grasshopper due to its frequency in my life this past week.  It will be interesting to see what develops or if I see another grasshopper soon…