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Email Anyone? September 27, 2011

Posted by solrai in Current, Mama's Life.
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I like to keep important things and being a mom of two with a smartphone has proved extremely useful in keeping up to date with what’s in my inbox. I can see what comes in and decide if it needs my attention immediately or at a later, more convenient date.  But when my husband questioned why I have SO many emails I brushed it off and said, “I haven’t taken the time to clean out my inbox.”

Ok, so over 12,000 emails in an inbox may be a bit excessive, but after all what good is unlimited storage space if you don’t use it, right?!

I’ve decided to take the time to clean out the inbox and before I left on my current trip I unsubscribed to some daily and weekly updates because I knew they wouldn’t prove useful on my jaunt out of town.  It was a good thing that I did.  As I began this time consuming task, I questioned myself:

  • Are all these notices really necessary?
  • What am I loosing out on if I don’t have this update in my life?
  • Do I really need to be consumption focused?
  • Is today’s daily deal from different locations really that important in my family’s life?
  • Is this sense of “urgency” warranted or prescribed?
  • Have I chosen to participate in the dictation of what’s most important?

More than 12,000 emails in one inbox. Ninety percent of what I failed to clean out in a timely manner is obsolete, outdated, over emphasized information.