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Where To Begin? August 23, 2017

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Many things have been on my mind lately; history, the present, the future. What do I remember and embrace about my past, the past of who I want to call my people but looking at the behavior of their children and grand children, I tend to want to distance myself. Looking at the history, the present, the future of our children’s culture so much pain, suffering, atrocities, injustice color where they came from. From bondage and slavery, to the intoxication of an idealized reality which only brings self destruction and animosity. From hatred and abuse of power to the dismantling and death of the innocent. It isn’t so much that I ask why but that I question where I stand in the middle of all this.

The desire to be a good mother is to instill compassion, the understanding of mercy, grace, and justice. To teach that life should be a journey of learning and growth to the Almighty and oneness with all of His creation. I desire to give them the tools to be strong, wise and fruitful in all areas of life. Above all to know who they are in the eyes of their creator.

On my mind:
America’s History – Native “American” History
Black History
Women’s History

Sikh History
God’s History

I feel a pinch in my heart for the collective past of pain, suffering, unbearable creativity of evil. I feel amiss if the stories of the past aren’t presented, yet I don’t desire the weight of the past to curb, or alter one’s perspective for the worse.

I chuckle softly as I recall one moment in my distant educational sessions. I looking at history I began to pull that word apart, history. Who’s story was it any way? Who’s perspective was being presented? Who’s voice was being left out? We are taught to be “critical thinkers” all the while having to accept whatever lesson plan is presented as fact. So many years, decades, and centuries have been driven by HIS-story. Few accounts of HER-story. As I dug deeper, pulling and tugging on this concept (history) the resolve came as WHO’S-story.

Who’s story to follow?

Who’s story to believe?

Who’s story to challenge?

Who’s story to teach?

Who’s story to create?



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