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Gestational Awareness August 7, 2012

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As I feel the pressure build up and pain ensues all I can focus on is the well being and comfort of the one within. Never mind my state of being, I know I will survive and brave this moment. But the one within; are they in distress, are they hurt or cramped, are they feeling ok?

I can tell the time is near when things that are, will be no more and a new reality will take over…several new realities. I know the death of who I am must occur as the surrendering to openness takes place for delivery. I do not fear this change but welcome it with open arms, mind, and most importantly heart.


My One IS One February 13, 2006

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Sunday, February 12th, marked my son’s first birthday by traditional standards. I like to mark the date of conception as the beginning of his life (in May he’ll be two years old). Today I thought back to this day one year ago and the events that lead to his birth. My water broke two days prior to his travel down the birth canal. I remember having to rent a breast pump on the twelth to start my contractions (all I thought I was having were “Braxton Hicks”). I wanted to leave my house soooo bad and be at the birthing center with my midwife, yet she told me to hold on. I wasn’t ready yet to make that trip.

In the late afternoon my friend and I went for a walk. By time we finished it was almost time to travel to the birthing center. The truck ride was the worst. There is nothing more uncomfortable than going through contractions in a confined space that you can’t really move around in. About an hour after we arrived (my friend and I) a son was born. Healthy and with rich lips, that was the first thing I noticed about him. The midwife had to ask me what sex the baby was. I was so in the moment, the sex of the child didn’t matter. God brought me into motherhood with a healthy infant in my arms. I was excited, overwhelmed, and thankful. God entrusted me with Aaron.